Sikong Shu Poem: My Cousin Lu Lun’s Visit – 司空曙《喜外弟卢纶见宿》












[1] 外弟:指表弟。古代称呼姑姑、舅舅、姨的比自己小的儿子为外弟。

[2] 见宿:住宿。

[3] 荒居:指在荒郊野外居住。

[4] 旧业:指家中旧有的产业。

[5] 以:因为。

[6] 沉:沉沦,这里指保持沉默,不评说时事。

[7] 频:屡次;多次。

[8] 蔡家亲:指姑舅表亲。

My Cousin Lu Lun’s Visit

Sikong Shu

I feel lonely on quiet night,

A poor scholar in a sad plight.

A yellow-leafed tree in the rain,

By lamplight but white hairs remain.

Alone I have sunk low for long,

Still you would come to hear my song.

It’s fate for us to meet or part,

But we are cousins dear at heart.

The poor poet is happy at his cousin’s visit.


The poem “My Cousin Lu Lun’s Visit” is a work by the poet Sikong Shu of the Tang Dynasty. The poem was written by the author in response to his cousin Lu Lun’s visit to his home. The first line is about the author’s miserable situation: living alone in the wilderness in his old age, without four neighbors, lonely and poor. “The first line is about the author’s sad situation: living alone in the wilderness with no neighbors, lonely and poor. The last two lines are about gratitude for the arrival of his cousin, which is about “joy”, but there is still sorrow in the joy. He is happy because he has been relegated and sunken, but his relatives still come to visit him, so he is naturally overjoyed; however, he feels sorry for his relatives because of his poor situation, so he still feels sorrowful and ashamed. The language of the poem is simple, the tone is low and sad, and it is truly touching.

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