Wang Jian Poem: A Bride (Ⅲ) – 王建《新嫁娘词三首》








[1] 谙:熟悉。

[2] 姑:婆婆。

[3] 小姑:丈夫的妹妹。

A Bride (Ⅲ)

Wang Jian

Married three days, I go shy-faced

To cook a soup with hands still fair.

To meet my mother-in-law’s taste,

I send to her daughter the first share.

This quatrain describes the psychology of a young bride.


Three Poems of the “A Bride (Ⅲ)” is a group of poems by Wang Jian, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. The poems are about the experiences and feelings of a bride who has just married into her husband’s family, showing in detail the life of a new bride in the Tang Dynasty, and to some extent revealing the marriage customs of that time. The third poem shows the bride’s dilemma of wanting to please her mother-in-law but fearing to offend her in-laws in a few strokes, which has been widely recited.

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