Yuan Zhen Poem: Chrysanthemums – 元稹《菊花》








[1] 陶家:这里指陶渊明家。陶渊明,东晋诗人,写有“三径犹荒,松菊犹存”“采菊东篱下,悠然见南山”等名句,所以后代常常将陶渊明与菊花相连,表现一种隐士的高洁。


Yuan Zhen

Around the cottage like Tao’s autumn flowers grow;

Along the hedge I stroll until the sun slants low.

Not that I favor partially the chrysanthemum,

But it is the last flower after which none will bloom.

Tao refers to the poet Tao Yuanming, well-known for his love of chrysanthemums.


“Chrysanthemums” is a poem written by Yuan Zhen, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. The poem first describes the abundance of chrysanthemums in autumn, their blooming like Tao Yuanming’s house, and the poet’s leisurely mood when looking at the flowers intently; later, from the perspective that chrysanthemums fade the latest, he writes his own unique reason for loving chrysanthemums, implying his praise for the strong character of chrysanthemums that fade in the end after the cold. The whole poem has a novel and natural idea, clever writing style, elegant and simple language, and has a rhythm.

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