Li Shangyin Poem: To the Moon Goddess – 李商隐《嫦娥》








[1] 嫦娥:妲娥,又称羲娥。《搜神记》:“后羿请不死药于西王母,嫦娥窃之以奔月。”

[2] 云母:一种矿石,晶体透明有光泽,古代常用来装饰屏风等家具。

[3] 长河:指天上的银河。

[4] 晓星:启明星。

[5] 碧海:形容蓝天一碧如海。

[6] 夜夜心:指夜夜感到心情孤寂。

To the Moon Goddess

Li Shangyin

Upon the marble screen the candlelight is winking;

The Silver River slants and morning stars are sinking.

You’d regret to have stolen the miraculous potion;

Each night you brood over the lonely celestial ocean.

According to the myth, the archer who had shot down nine suns hod miraculous potion, but his wife stole it, flew to the moon and became the lonely moon goddess.


“To the Moon Goddess” is a poem written by Li Shangyin, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. This poem is about the loneliness of Chang’e in the moon and expresses the poet’s self-sentimental feelings. The first two lines describe the indoor and outdoor environment respectively, rendering the empty and cold atmosphere and expressing the mood of the main character’s wistfulness; the second two lines are the main character’s thoughts after a night of painful reminiscence, expressing a sense of loneliness. The poem is sentimental in tone, rich in meaning, whimsical and realistic.

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