Lu Guimeng Poem: White Lotus – 陆龟蒙《白莲》








[1] 蘤(huā):古代“花”字。

[2] 瑶池:古代传说中昆仑山上的池名,是西王母所居住的地方,《史记》和《穆天子传》均有记载。这里用“瑶池”来指仙境。

White Lotus

Lu Guimeng

White lotus blooms are often outweighed by red flowers;

They’d rather be transplanted before lunar bowers.

Heartless they seem, but they have deep grief no one knows.

See them fall in moonlight when the morning wind blows.

The poet describes the pure spirit of the white lotus blooms.


The White Lotus” is a poem written by Lu Guimeng, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. The poem depicts that the white lotus flower with resentment is unknowingly falling, implying that the pure and virtuous people are always rejected and ostracized in the dark feudal society, and can only be buried in obscurity, expressing the psychology of intellectuals in the feudal era who are lonely and unappreciated.

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