Qufu Fareast Vocational and Technical College

寻找山东最美大学|曲阜远东职业技术学院蒋岢 吴佳琪:一叶知秋

参赛作品:《一丘一壑 一叶知秋》

作者:蒋岢 吴佳琪

学校院系:曲阜远东职业技术学院 五年制专科部


拍摄地点 :曲阜远东职业技术学院


指导老师: 付颖

创作思路: 第一张照片作品是在学校花园拍摄石门山,由近景到远景,由虚入实,这张作品中首先让我们看到花园的亭子,然后看到远处石门山上的亭子和石门山映入眼帘,意境为踏踏实实,看的到眼前也可以看到未来。

Entrant: “One Valley, One Leaf Knows the Autumn”
Author: Jiang Ke, Wu Jiaqi
School Department: Five year Specialized Department of Qufu Far East Vocational and Technical College
Shooting time: October 6, 2022
Location: Qufu Far East Vocational and Technical College
Category: Photography
Instructor: Fu Ying
Creative idea: The first photo work is to take Shimen Mountain in the school garden, from the close view to the long view, from the virtual to the real. In this work, we first see the pavilion in the garden, and then see the pavilion on Shimen Mountain and Shimen Mountain in the distance. The artistic conception is steadfast, and you can see the future when you see it.

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