Shandong Normal University



拍摄者:徐静 山东师范大学化学化工与材料科学学院制药工程专业


创作思路: 地球是因为有了生物焕发生机,有了美的存在,而在我的校园,因为有了生物,才显得严肃的教学楼更加活泼美丽,叶子由青泛黄,阳光明媚和煦,还有草坪浇水时出现的彩虹,校园的动物为它增添了生趣,这些都是校园里“非常”的美,每当看到这些,心情也会非常放松舒适。

Looking for the most beautiful university campus in Shandong Province, China

Title: “Things”
Photographer: Xu Jing, Pharmaceutical Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Shandong Normal University
Shooting date: October 24, 2020
Creative idea: The earth is full of life and beauty. In my campus, the serious teaching building is more lively and beautiful because of biology. The leaves turn from green to yellow, the sun is bright and warm, and the rainbow appears when the lawn is watered. The animals on campus add vitality to it. These are the “very” beauty of the campus. Whenever you see these, you will feel very relaxed and comfortable.

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