Liu Chenweng Poem: Silk-washing Stream · A Spring Day – 刘辰翁《浣溪沙·春日即事》



Silk-washing Stream
· A Spring Day

Liu Chenweng
Far away the bees roam without knowing their home;
On a few new shoots of willow trees the crows cry.
I think of the days gone by as far as the end of the sky.
Awake from sleep, I roll up my dream with my scroll.
The silent swallows come back in slanting sunrays;
The evening wind blows down flowers in a vase.

The bees, crows, swallows, flowers remind the poet of his homeland.


“Silk-washing Stream · A Spring Day” is a lyric by the Song Dynasty lyricist Liu Chen-weng. The first and last four lines are about scenery, and the middle two lines are about people. It is not all about homesickness, but about the boredom from the afternoon to the evening. The main theme of this piece is that beautiful things do not last forever, which adds to the overwhelming melancholy of homesickness. The lyrics are apparently independent and seemingly unrelated, but the logic is so tight that they form a complete picture of springtime homesickness, which is endlessly evocative. The tone of the entire lyric is light and elegant, with a distinctive mood.

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