Meng Jiao Poem: Song of the Parting Son – 孟郊《游子吟》










[1] 寸草:小草。比喻游子。

[2] 三春晖:三春,指春天的孟春、仲春、季春。比喻母爱如春天的阳光。

Song of the Parting Son

Meng Jiao

From the threads a mother’s hand weaves,

A gown for parting son is made.

Sown stitch by stitch before he leaves,

For fear his return be delayed.

Such kindness as young grass receives

From the warm sun can’t be repaid.

This is a well-known song showing the mother’s love for her son.


“Song of the Parting Son” is a five-line poem written by Meng Jiao, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. It is an ode to motherly love. The poem is written in six stanzas of thirty words, using the technique of white description to recall a seemingly ordinary scene of sewing clothes before going on a journey, highlighting and celebrating the greatness and selflessness of a mother’s love, expressing the poet’s gratitude for her love and his deep love and respect for her. The poem is sincere and natural, without any ornamentation, but it is fresh and fluent, and the simple and simple language contains a rich and beautiful poetic flavor, which has been widely recited for thousands of years.

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