Su Dongpo: End of the Year: Three Poems (Poem #1)

End of the Year: Three Poems: No. 1

岁 晚: 三 首
(1)  馈 岁
农 功 各 已 收
岁 事 得 相 佐。
为 欢 恐 无 及
假 物 不 论 货。
山 川 隧 出 产
贫 富 称 小 大。
置 盘 巨 鲤 橫
发 笼 双 兔 卧。
富 人 事 华 糜
彩 绣 光 翻 座。
贫 者 愧 不 能
微 挚 出 舂 磨。
官 居 故 人 少
里 巷 佳 节 过。
亦 欲 举 乡 风
独 唱 无 人 和。


Sui Wan: San Shou

(1)  Kui Sui

Nong gong ge yi shou
Sui shi de xiang zuo.
Wei huan kong wu ji
Jia wu bu lun huo.

Shan chuang sui chu chan
Pin fu chen xiao da.
Zhi pan ju li heng
Fa long shuang tu wo.

Fu ren shi hua mi
Cai xiu guang fan zuo.
Pin zhe kui bu neng
Wei zhi chu chong mo.

Guan ju gu ren shao
Li xiang jia jie guo.
Yi yu ju xiang feng
Du chang wu ren he.


End of the Year: Three Poems

Prepare For the New Year

Autumn harvest already completely finished
New Years tasks include helping each other.
Everyone happy and busy
No time for discriminate shopping.

Each mountain region and river area have their own special, local goods
Poor people buy in small quantities, the rich buy in big lots.
Large carp placed into a tank that is too small, their bodies touch front and back
In an unpleasant state, two rabbits lie down in their cage.

Rich people make their homes fancy and decorative
Every chair covered with colorful and bright embroidery.
Poor people ashamed their means fall short
Only gifts are tiny pestles and millstones.

Few old friends here at my official residence
Inside my narrow land, the festival passes by.
I want to participate in the local customs
Alone, I am without people to join me in celebration.

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