Su Dongpo: End of the Year: Three Poems (Poem #3)

End of the Year: Three Poems: No. 3

岁 晚: 三 首
(3)  守 岁
欲 知 垂 尽 岁
有 似 赴 壑 蛇。
修 麟 半 已 没
去 意 谁 能 遮。
况 欲 系 其 尾
虽 勤 知 奈 何。
儿 童 强 不 睡
相 守 夜 欢 哗。
晨 鸡 且 勿 唱
更 鼓 畏 添 挝。
坐 久 灯 烬 落
起 看 北 斗 斜。
明 年 岂 无 年
心 事 恐 蹉 跎。
努 力 尽 今 夕
少 年 犹 可 夸。


Sui Wan: San Shou

(3)  Shou Sui

Yu zhi chui jin sui
You si fu he she.
Xiu lin ban yi mei
Qu yi shei neng zhe.

Kuang yu ji qi wei
Sui qin zhi nai he.
Er tong qiang bu shui
Xiang shou ye huan hua.

Chen ji qie wu chang
Geng gu wei tian wo.
Zuo jiu deng jin luo
Qi kan bei dou xie.

Ming nian qi wu nian
Xin shi kong cuo tuo.
Nu li jin jin xi
Shao nian you ke kua.


End of the Year: Three Poems: No. 3

(3)  Stay Up All Night for New Year’s Eve

The years go by so fast
Like a snake going into his hiding place.
Already most of the scales have disappeared
Who can obstruct time’s departure.

Even if only the tail is visible
And one is diligent, only know futility and helplessness.
Children strongly resist going to bed
Near each other, make happy, night time noises.

In the morning, do not want to hear the rooster’s crow
Or the evening drums pounding out the passing hours.
Sit for a long time, lamp’s ashes have gone out
Get up to see the northern Big Dipper tilting over.

Won’t next year be a little different
Preoccupation with this year, some fear for the next.
Make efforts to set New Year’s resolutions and priorities
In my younger years, still in my prime.

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