Su Dongpo: Evening Return to West Lake: (Wonderful Things Nearby)

Evening Return to West Lake: (Wonderful Things Nearby)

好 事 近: 西 湖 归
湖 上 雨 晴 时
秋 水 半 篙 初 没。
朱 槛 俯 窥 寒 鉴
照 衰 颜 华 发。
醉 中 吹 堕 白 纶 巾
溪 风 漾 流 月。
独 棹 小 舟 归 去
任 烟 波 摇 兀。
Xi Hu Ye Gui: (Hao Shi Jin)

Hu shang yu qing shi
Qiu shui ping gao chu mei.
Zhu kan fu kui han jian
Zhao shuai yan hua fa.

Zui zhong chui duo bai guan jin
Xi feng yang liu yue.
Du zhao xiao zhou gui qu
Ren yan bo yao wu.


Evening Return to West Lake: (Wonderful Things Nearby)

On the lake, rain stops, now a time for the sun
Autumn lake water now covers one half of the punting pole.
Boat freshly painted red, lean over the side, the water like a bronze mirror.
The reflection illuminates a face with a declining radiance.

Drunk, the wind blew away and sank my white silk hair-tie.
Caused the moon’s light to ripple and drift away.
I wish I too had a small row boat to go back home in.
To follow and move with the waves into the mists.



West Lake: The famous and beautiful West Lake in HangzhouSu spent several years here as mayor,  wrote many poems about it and the surrounding areas. A famous causeway bisecting the lake is named Sudi after him.

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