Su Dongpo: Old Fishman

Old Fisherman

Yu Fu
渔 父
渔 父 饮 谁 家 去?
鱼 蟹 一 时 分 付。
酒 无 多 少 醉 为 期
彼 此 不 论 钱 数。

Yu fu yin, shei jia qu?
Yu xie yi shi fen fu.
Jiu wu duo shao zui wei ji
Bi ci bu lun qian shu.

渔 父 醉 蓑 衣 舞
醉 里 却 寻 归 路。
轻 舟 短 棹 任 斜 横
醒 后 不 知 何 处。

Yu fu zui, suo yi wu.
Zui li que xun gui lu.
Qing zhou duan zhao ren xie heng
Xing hou bu zhi he wai.


渔 父 醒 春 江 午。
梦 断 落 花 飞 絮。
酒 醒 还 醉 醉 还 醒
一 笑 人 间 今 古。

Yu fu xing, chun jiang wu.
Meng duan luo hua fei xu.
Jiu xing huan zui zui huan xing
Yi xiao ren jian jin gu.


渔 父 笑 轻 欧 举。
漠 漠 一 江 风 雨。
江 边 骑 马 是 官 人
借 我 孤 舟 南 渡。

Yu fu xiao, qing ou ju.
Mo mo yi jiang feng yu.
Jiang bian qi ma shi guan ren
Jie wo gu zhou nan du.


Old Fisherman


Old fisherman wants to drink, he asks me where one can find a seller?
Fish and crabs separated to hand over for a price.
In exchange for wine, they pay him enough to get drunk.
Wine sellers also do not count the money.


Old fisherman drunk, dances in his straw rain cape.
Now he tries to find the pathway home.
In his small boat, short oars also laid down to rest.
Later sobers up, does not realize where he is.


Old fisherman lucid, springtime river at noon.
Dreams break into pieces, falling flowers like cotton on the wind.
Sober up, get very drunk, sober up again, and so on
Just laugh often between today and yesterday.


Old fisherman laughs, seagulls softly fly away
No one, no thing: river, wind and rain all one.
Public official riding his horse along the riverbank
Needs to borrow a boat to ford the river and continue south.

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