Su Dongpo: Feast and Drunkfest For Yang Yuansu

Feast and Drunkfest For Yang Yuansu: (Falling Down Drunk Spirit)

席 上 呈 杨 元 素: 醉 落 魄
分 携 如 昨
人 生 到 处 萍 漂 泊。
偶 尔 相 聚 还 离 索。
多 病 多 丑,须 信 从 来 错。
尊 前 一 笑 休 辞 却
天 涯 同 是 伤 沦 落。
故 山 犹 负 平 生 约
西 望 峨 眉,长 羡 归 飞 鹤。
Xi Shang Cheng Yang Yuan Su: Zui Luo Po

Fen xie ru zuo
Ren sheng dao chu ping piao bo.
Ou er xiang ju hai li suo.
Duo bing duo chou xu xin cong lai cuo.

Zun qian yi xiao xiu ci que
Tian ya tong shi shang lun luo.
Gu shan you fu ping sheng yue
Xi wang e mei, chang xian gui fei he.


A Feast and Drunkfest for Yang Yuansu: (Falling Down Drunk Spirit)

In the past we also had to separate
Everywhere human experiences are like duckweed that floats and wanders away.
By chance we get together, only to depart into solitude
Many illnesses, many sorrows, always await for the reunions.

For respect, when offering you a toast, do not smile and refuse it
We share by coming from a remote region.
Our wound to come down in the world
But in the west, I can gaze into the distance to see lofty Mt. Emei
To long admire the return of flying cranes.



(Falling Down Drunk Spirit): The name of the poem’s melody.

Mt. Emei: One of the Four Sacred Mountains of China, located in Sichuan Province.

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