Su Dongpo: Go to Qi Li Shoals: (Travel to the Fragrant)

Go to Qi Li Shoals: (Travel to the Fragrant)

行 香 子:过 七 里 滩
一 叶 舟 轻
双 桨 鸿 惊。
水 天 清
影 湛 波 平。
鱼 翻 藻 鉴
鹭 点 烟 汀。
过 沙 溪 急
霜 溪 冷 月 溪 明。
重 重 似 画
曲 曲 如 屏。
算 当 年 虚 老 严 陵。
但 远 山 长
云 山 乱 晓 山 青。
Guo Qi Li Tan: (Xing Xiang Zi)

Yi ye zhou qing
Shuang jiang hong jing.
Shui tian qing
Ying zhan bo ping.

Yu fan zao jian
Lu dian yan ting.
Guo sha xi ji
Shuang xi leng yue xi ming.

Chong chong si hua
Qu qu ru ping.
Suan dang nian xu lao yan ling.
Jun chen yi meng jin gu xu ming.
Dan yuan shan chang
Yun shan luan xiao shan qing.


Go to the Qi Li Shoals: (Travel to the Fragrant)

One small boat light as a leaf.
Pulling a pair of oars, startled swans and geese.
Water and sky so clean and pure
Reflections crystal clear on the smooth ripples.

Can see fish and water grasses move back and forth
Egrets like little drops in the riverbank mists.
Cross over sand at the bottom of the small stream
Water getting cold, moon on the stream frosty and bright.

Layer upon layer of mountain ranges like a painting
That are bent and crooked, like a set of scrolls.
Count the years past for the old and hidden Yan Ling
Your official title a dream, current or ancient fame is now empty.
Far away mountains remain in the distance
Random clouds, and mountains at dawn still green.



Yan Ling: Perhaps a county in Henan

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