Su Dongpo: Guo Lun

Guo Lun

郭 纶
河 西 猛 士 无 人 识
日 暮 津 亭 阅 过 周 船。
路 人 但 觉 骢 马 瘦
不 知 铁 槊 大 如 椽。
因 言 西 方 久 不 战
截 发 愿 作 万 骑 先。
我 当 凭 轼 与 寓 目
看 君 飞 矢 集 蛮 毡。
Guo Lun

He xi meng shi wu ren shi
Ri mu jin ting yue guo chuan.
Lu ren dan jue cong ma shou
Bu zhi tie shuo da ru chuan.

Yin yan xi wan jiu bu zhan
Jie fa yuan zuo wan qi xian.
Wo dang ping shi yu yu mu
Kan jun fei shi ji man zhan.


Guo Lun

In Hexi he fought, very few government workers knew of his merit
At sunset, he sat under the ferry crossing pavilion, watching the boats pass by.
Travelers still aware that his black horse was thin and lanky
They did not know that in the old days he wielded an iron spear as big as a rafter.

Because this region without battles for a long period of time
But if a war started, he would be happy to lead ten thousand warriors and ride into battle.
If this ever happened, I would like to watch him from a high vantage point
See your arrows fly from your quiver into the enemy’s yurts.



Hexi: A corridor in Gansu Province that was part of the original Silk Road.

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