Su Dongpo: Send Off Liu Ziyu From Mt. Jin

Send Off Liu Ziyu From Mt. Jin

金 山 送 柳 子 玉
谁 作 桓 伊 三 弄
惊 破 绿 窗 幽 梦。
新 月 与 愁 烟
满 江 天。
欲 去 又 还 不 去
明 月 落 花 飞 絮。
飞 絮 送 行 舟
水 东 流。
Jin Shan Song Liu Zi Yu

Shei zuo huan yi san nong
Jing po lu chuang you meng.
Xin yue yu chou yan
Man jiang tian.

Yu qu you hai bu qu
Ming ri luo hua fei xu.
Fei xu song xing zhou
Shui dong liu.


Send Off Liu Ziyu From Mt. Jin

Who is playing like the famous Eastern Jin Dynasty musicians, Huan and Yi
With their three thousand melodies
They penetrate the windows of a tranquil dream.
New moon gives a melancholy feeling to mists
Covering river and sky.

Over and over we depart, come back together, then depart
Need to separate before dawn reveals the fallen flowers
and cottonwood seeds on the wind.
Send you off now on your boat
To follow the eastern river flows.

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