Meng Jiao Poem: Successful at the Civil Service Examinations – 孟郊《登科后》








[1] 龌龊(wò chuò):本指齿相近,这里指登科前处境不如意。思想行为拘束、局促。

[2] 放荡:自由自在,不受拘束。与“旷荡”、“放达”义近。但不同于现代的“放浪”的意思。

Successful at the Civil Service Examinations

Meng Jiao

Gone are all my past woes! What more have I to say?

My body and my mind enjoy their fill today.

Successful, faster runs my horse in vernal breeze;

I’ve seen within one day all flowers on the trees.

This is the most balanced verse in Tang poetry.


The first two lines of the poem contrast the author’s past disillusionment and his present success. The first two lines of the poem compare the author’s past disillusioned and desolate situation with his present success in the examinations, highlighting the boiling thoughts of the present day when he leaps into a new world; the second two lines say that he proudly galloped on his horse in the spring breeze and saw all the flowers in Chang’an in one day, expressing his extremely happy mood. The rhythm of the poem is light and fast, and it is a unique poem among the “bitter and strange” Meng poems.

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