Tao Yuanming: Changing Houses: Two Poems: No. 2

Changing Houses: Two Poems: No. 2

移 居:二 首
春 秋 多 佳 日
登 高 赋 新 诗。
过 门 更 相 呼
有 酒 斟 酌 之。
农 务 各 自 归
闲 暇 辄 相 思;
相 思 则 披 衣
言 笑 无 厌 时。
此 理 将 不 胜
无 为 忽 去 兹。
衣 食 当 须 纪
力 耕 不 吾 欺。


Yi Ju: Er Shou


Chun qiu duo jia ri
Deng gao fu xin shi.
Guo men geng xiang hu
You jiu zhen zhuo zhi.

Nong wu ge zi gui
Xian xia zhe xiang si;
Xiang si ze pi yi
Yan xiao wu yan shi.

Ci li jiang bu sheng
Wu wei hu qu zi.
Yi shi dang xu ji
Li geng bu wu qi.


Changing Houses: Two Poems: No. 2


Spring and autumn has many fine days
To climb a mountain and compose a new poem.
Passing someone’s house we shout to one another
With wine we sit around and ponder its quality.

Farming seasons have everyone busy with their work
During idle free time we rest and miss each other.
If we miss one another, get dressed and go out
Talking and laughing, these times without solitude.

These patterns and lifestyles are measures of success
Do not neglect or depart from being spontaneous and free.
Should be self-sufficient in both food and clothing
By expending energy to cultivate, one will not be cheated in receiving just rewards.

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