Tao Yuanming: Give to Mayor Ding of Chaisang

Give to Mayor Ding of Chaisang

酧 丁 柴 桑
有 客 有 客
爰 来 宦 止。
秉 直 司 聪
于 惠 百 里。
飧 胜 如 归
羚 善 若 始。
匪 惟 谐 也
屡 有 良 游。
载 言 载 眺
以 写 我 忧。
放 欢 一 遇
既 醉 还 休。
实 欣 心 期
方 从 我 游。
Chou Ding Chai Sang

You ke you ke
Yuan lai huan zhi.
Bing zhi si cong
Yu hui bai li.

Sun sheng ru gui
Ling shan ruo shi.
Fei wei xie ye
Lu you liang you.

Zai yan zai tiao
Yi xie wo you.
Fang huan yi yu
Ji zui huan xiu.
Shi xin xin qi
Fang cong wo you.


Give to Mayor Ding of Chaisang

Have a traveling visitor arrive
A government official at my house.
Your honorable and virtuous job is to listen to the simple people
Your presence makes them happy within a thirty mile radius.

A superb listener, like when you are with your own family
And as good as if you heard them for the very first time.
Not only are we in harmony together
But time and again share good travels.

Put down in writing what is filled by looking across vast distances
I can write of my concerns and worries.
With one meeting, opened up to happiness
Already so drunk, stopped thinking about going home.
Truly, this is a time of happiness and joy
Like honest travelers following each other.


Chaisang: A district of Jiujiang city located in Jiangxi Province, north of Lake Poyang.  It is also south of the Changjiang (Yangzi River) and near Lushan.

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