Tao Yuanming: In Memory of Myself: Part 2

In Memory of Myself: Part 2

自 祭 文
含 欢 谷 汲
行 歌 负 薪
翳 翳 柴 门
事 我 宵 晨
春 秋 代 谢
有 务 中 园
载 耘 载 籽
迺 育 迺 繁。
欣 以 素 犊
和 以 七 弦。
冬 曝 其 日
夏 濯 泉。
勤 无 余 劳
心 有 常 闲。
乐 天 委 分
以 至 百 年。
惟 此 百 年
夫 人 爱 之
惧 彼 无 成
愒 日 惜 时。
存 为 世 珍
没 亦 见 思。
嗟 我 独 迈
曾 是 异 兹。
宠 非 己 荣
涅 岂 吾 缁?
捽 兀 穷 庐
酣 饮 赋 诗。
识 运 知 命
畴 能 罔 眷。
余 今 斯 化
可 以 无 恨。


Zi Ji Wen

Han huan gu ji
Hang ge fu xin.
Yi yi chai men
Shi wo xiao chen.

Chun qiu dai xie
You wu zhong yuan.
Zai yun zai zi
Nai yu nai fan.

Xin yi su du
He yi qi xian.
Dong pu qi ri
Xia zhuo quan.

Qin wu yu lao
Xin you chang xian.
Le tian wei fen
Yi zhi bai nian.

Wei ci bai nian
Fu ren ai zhi.
Ju bi wu cheng
Qi ri xi shi.

Cun wei shi zhen
Mei yi jian si.
Jie wo du mai
Ceng shi yi zi.

Chong fei ji rong
Nie qi wu zi?
Zuo wu qiong lu
Han yin fu shi.

Shi yun zhi ming
Chou neng wang juan.
Yu jin si hua
Ke yi wu hen.


In Memory of Myself: Part 2

Happy to draw water from the local valley
Singing songs while gathering firewood.
My bramble door hidden from view
Use it only once in the morning, once at night.

Spring to autumn, have to work my land and garden
Over abundance of weeds that were filled with seeds
Therefore, they easily multiplied.

Joy and happiness from simplicity
Harmony from reading books and playing my qin.
Wintertime, expose myself to the sun
Summertime, wash at the headwaters.

Work very hard without any hired workers
But have idleness and leisure within my heart.
Carefree, I cast aside obligations
And for all of these years followed the Way.

All my life, only this one life
Most people love life, fear those without success
And treasure every day and moment.
During their lifetimes they still have others thinking of them.

Sigh, yet I alone walk a different path.                                                                          For myself I do not seek fame or honor.
Isn’t it unhealthy to live in this contaminated environment?
I hold firm to my poor hut.

Merrily drink my wine, write my poetry
Remember my destiny, know my life.
But now, I can leave behind the farm work
Ready for the Transformation without anger or regret.



Qin: A multi-stringed musical instrument.

The Way: The Dao

The Transformation: Moving from life to death.

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