Tao Yuanming: Reply to Military Advisor Pang: Part 2

Reply to Military Advisor Pang: Part 2

答 庞 参 军
嘉 游 未 厌
誓 将 离 分。
送 尔 于 路
衔 觞 无 欣。
依 依 旧 楚
邈 邈 西 云。
之 子 之 远
良 沽 曷 闻!
昔 我 云 别
仓 庚 载 鸣。
今 也 遇 之
霰 雪 飘 零。
大 藩 有 命
作 使 上 京。
岂 忘 晏 安?
王 事 靡 宁。
惨 惨 寒 日
肃 肃 其 风;
翩 彼 方 舟
容 与 江 中。
勖 哉 征 人
在 始 思 终;
敬 慈 良 辰
以 保 尔 躬。


Da Pang Can Jun

Jia you wei yan
Shi jiang li fen.
Song er yu lu
Xian shang wu xin.

Yi yi jiu chu
Miao miao xi yun.
Zhi zi zhi yuan
Liang gu he wen !

Xi wo yun bie
Cang geng zai ming.
Jin ye yu zhi
Xian xue piao ling.

Da fan you ming
Zuo shi shang jing.
Qi wang yan an ?
Wang shi mi ning.

Can can han ri
Su su qi feng;
Pian bi fang zhou
Rong yu jiang zhong.

Xu zai zheng ren
Zai shi si zhong;
Jing ci liang chen
Yi bao er gong.


Reply to Military Advisor Pang: Part 2

May you travel well without fatigue
Let us promise to meet again as we now have to separate!
As I send you off down the road
Let’s cherish, without joy, our last cups of wine.

Reluctant to part, you to the country of Chu
Very far away into the western clouds.
As you will go far far away
How can I hear again a fine conversation.

This could be the last time we depart
Like the seasonal sounds of orioles singing!
Today we also meet again
Soft hail, floating and fluttering down.

The important general has orders for you
Sends you off to the capital.
Will you forget this life of comfort and ease
Imperial matters waste peace and tranquility.

Very cold days
Have winds that constantly blow
Have to quickly tie together two boats
Held to each other, they can flow down river;

Cheers and good wishes to those starting a long journey
Even as you begin this assignment, remember how it will end.
Honor and appreciate this fortunate time of no war
You still need to protect your health and safety.



Chu: A kingdom during the Zhou Dynasty, and also a region covering Hunan and Hubei provinces.



Got to love the line, “Imperial matters waste peace and tranquility.”  Many times did Tao express this sentiment that serving as a government official cut into his time for leisure and creativity.

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