Tao Yuanming: Send As a Gift to Chang Shagong

Send As a Gift to Chang Shagong

赠 长 沙 公
同 源 分 流
人 易 世 疏
慨 然 寤 叹
念 兹 厥 初。
礼 服 遂 悠
岁 月 眇 徂
感 彼 行 路
眷 然 踌 躇。
於 穆 令 族
允 构 斯 堂。
谐 气 冬 暄
映 怀 圭 璋。
爰 采 春 华
载 警 秋 霜。
我 曰 钦 哉
实 宗 之 光。
伊 余 云 遘
在 长 忘 同 ?
笑 言 未 久
逝 焉 西 东。
遥 遥 三 湘
滔 滔 九 江。
山 川 阻 远
行 李 时 通。
何 以 写 心 ?
贻 此 话 言。
进 篑 虽 微
终 焉 为 山。
敬 哉 离 人!
临 路 凄 然。
款 襟 或 辽
音 问 其 先。
Zeng Chang Sha Gong

Tong yuan fen liu
Ren yi shi shu
Kai ran wu tan
Nian zi jue chu.

Li fu sui you
Sui yue miao cu
Gan bi xing lu
Juan ran chou chu.

Wu mu ling zu
Yun gou si tang.
Xie qi dong xuan
Ying huai gui zhang.

Yuan cai chun hua
Zai jing qiu shuang.
Wo yue qin zai
Shi zong zhi guang.

Yi yu yun gou
Zai chang wang tong ?
Xiao yan wei jiu
Shi yan xi dong.

Yao yao san xiang
Tao tao jiu jiang.
Shan chuan zu yuan
Xing li shi tong.

He yi xie xin ?
Yi ci hua yan.
Jin kui sui wei
Zhong yan wei shan.

Jing zai li ren!
Lin lu qi ran.
Kuan jin huo liao
Yin wen qi xian.


Send As a Gift to Chang Shagong

We share some of the same ancestors, but then like spring waters dividing and flowing into different directions
People change, over time scatter about.
With deep feelings I realize we are the same
Sharing our distant relatives.

We have the same Confucian rites
Yet for so many years distant from each other.
It feels that the roads we have traveled
Share the same gratifying family relationships.

Such reverence for your clan
You continue these true and original ancestors.
This harmonious atmosphere like the warmth from a winter sun
Reflections of our hearts and minds in a precious jade tablet.

Thus like the splendid colors of spring
But a warning: autumn frost can arrive early.
My admiration for you is visible
Your family very virtuous and true.

You and I find each other like two clouds
As a high level government worker, don’t forget me and my family?
For a long time we talk and laugh
And then we go our separate ways.

You, far away to your Hunan hometown
My trip back full of many dangerous and turbulent rivers.
Mountains and rivers so remote from each other
After we have traveled, let’s write and visit one another more often.

How can I write about my heart-mind?
Send as a gift, these poetic words.
Although we move these tiny and weak bamboo baskets
Eventually these words come together to make mountains.

Certainly honor and respect the independence of others!
The roads we travel appear bleak and dreary.
Our sincere hearts-minds may be far away from each other
But let’s continue to write one another.

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