The Little Kngfisher in My Dream by Bing Xin ~ 冰心 《我梦中的小翠鸟》 with English Translations


冰心 《我梦中的小翠鸟》









The Little Kngfisher in My Dream
Bing Xin

I woke up twice during the night of June 15, and at about half past five the next morning I fell asleep again. Then I had a dream which I have never been able to put of my mind.

I dreamed that I was in a speeding car. What kind of a car was it? Was it a van or a sedan? Anyway, the cushions and the rest of the upholstery were a deep red colour. I stretched out my left out, and on the palm I saw that there was a tiny exquisite kingfisher.

The little kingfisher was a dazzling, intoxicating green. It was piping a beautifully clear song, very pleasant to the ear. Its loudness seemed to be out of proportion to its minute body.

Even in my dream I knew I was dreaming. I promised myself that when I woke up I would write about this mysterious dream and this little kingfisher which would be forever engraved in my memory…Just then the twittering of birds outside the window woke up from my double dream. Still that dazzling green light flashed before my eyes, and still that plaintive song lingered in my ears.

Is there always an origin for a dream? What time, what recollection, what thought caused me to have this dream? I cannot think what it can be.

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