Yu Liangshi Poem: The Vernal Hill in Moonlit Night – 于良史《春山夜月》












[1] 胜事:美景。

[2] 掬:双手捧。

[3] 兴:兴致。

[4] 芳菲:指花草。

[5] 翠微:青翠的山色。

The Vernal Hill in Moonlit Night

Yu Liangshi

How much delight in vernal hill?

Don’t go back but enjoy your fill!

Drinking water, you drink moonbeams;

Plucking flowers, you pluck sweet dreams.

Happy, you would forget the hours;

About to go, you can’t leave flowers.

Looking south where you hear the bell,

You’ll find green bowers in green dell.

This poem describes the exquisite delight in the vernal hill where moonbeams dissolve into the handful of water the poet drinks.


Spring Mountain Moon at Night” is a work by Yu Liang Shi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. This poem describes the pleasure of enjoying the moon in the mountains in the spring night. The poet depicts a clear and distant picture of the moon in the spring mountains at night, revealing a relaxed and happy mood of enjoying the landscape. The opening two lines explain the origin of the poem and the reason for the “many victorious events”. The next six lines are the specific descriptions of the “victorious events” and the “forgetting to return from playing”. The whole poem is light and elegant, describing things as if they were painted, rich in charm, especially the two lines in the junction, where things and I are intertwined, and the mood is distinctive and interesting, which has been popular for a long time.

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