Xu Ning Poem: To One in Yangzhou – 徐凝《忆扬州》








[1] 萧娘:女子的代称。

[2] 桃叶:女子的代称。

[3] 无赖:蛮不讲理,或顽皮可爱之意。

To One in Yangzhou

Xu Ning

Your bashful face could hardly bear the weight of tears;

Your long, long brows would easily feel sorrow nears.

Of all the moonlit nights on earth when people part,

Two-thirds shed sad light on Yangzhou with broken heart.

The poet regrets his parting from his lover in Yangzhou so much that he feels the moon heart-broken to see them part, and thus the place is beautified by their parting.


“To One in Yangzhou” is a seven-part poem written by Xu Ning, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. It is a poem of remembrance, but the title is not about the person, but about the place. The poet writes very well about the bright moon of Yangzhou, and uses the “bright moon” of the “rogue” to decorate Yangzhou in an infinite manner, which matches the title perfectly and makes the poem have an amazing artistic effect.

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