Luo Yin Poem: To the Coinlike Golden Flower – 罗隐《金钱花》








[1] 金钱花:旋覆花,夏秋之间开花,花色金黄,花朵圆而覆下,中央呈筒状,形如铜钱,娇美可爱,所以又被称为金钱花。

[2] 劚将:这里指把金钱花砍下来。劚,读作(zhǔ),是砍的意思。

To the Coinlike Golden Flower

Luo Yin

You grow around a tree with a name bright,

You cling together steeped in autumn light.

If your flowers could be stored up like gold,

The rich would pluck you down since days of old.

This quatrain is a satire against man’s greed for gold.


“To the Coinlike Golden Flower” is a seven-part poem written by Luo Yin, a literary scholar of the Tang Dynasty. The poem reveals the greedy and cruel nature of the aristocrats in the late Tang Dynasty by chanting the money flower. The first two stanzas are descriptive, and the last two stanzas are expository. The poem is a combination of cold irony and deep anger, with a sharp and spicy style and a strong critical force. At the same time, the poem’s mood is tumbling, with a natural twist and turn, making it confident and meaningful.

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