Tsinghua University – ginkgo leaves on both sides of the flagstone road

Shooting Time: 17: 00, Oct.23Shooting Spot: On the Slate Road in the Zijing Sculpture Park

Photographic Parameters: ISO-1600

S:1/320s  F:6.3  Focal length:50 mm

Post processing corrects the horizon and sharpens the image.

The Photographer’s Review:It was a very pleasant sunny autumn afternoon. The sunshine was just right at that time, and the ginkgo leaves on both sides of the flagstone road have already been yellow. The scenery was spectacular. There were many students taking photos and children running and playing nearby. At that time, I saw two ginkgo leaves on the flagstone, so I got close to the ginkgo leaves. Against the background of the “Ginkgo Avenue”, I would like to create an atmosphere of “a falling leaf heralding autumn”.

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