Under an Umbrella by Eileen Chang ~ 张爱玲 《雨伞下》 with English Translations


张爱玲 《雨伞下》




Under an Umbrella
Eileen Chang

It’s pouring. Some people are carrying umbrellas and some people are not. Those who don’t have an umbrella press against those who do, squeezing beneath the edges of passing umbrellas to avoid the rain and afford themselves a little shelter. But the water cascading from the umbrellas turns out to be worse than the rain itself, and the heads of the people squeezed in between are soaked to the skin.

This is a parable, of course, the moral of which is perfectly clear: when poor folks associate with the rich, they usually get soaked. I thought of it one rainy day but never wrote it down, because it sounds too much like the style of the tabloid “tea talks” of Mr. Nachang

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