Wang Wei: Send Off Cousin Cui Jiu Xing Traveling to Shu

Send Off Cousin Cui Jiuxing Traveling to Shu

送 崔 九 兴 宗 游 蜀
送 君 从 此 去
转 觉 故 人 稀。
徒 御 犹 回 首
田 园 方 掩 扉。
出 门 当 旅 食
中 路 授 寒 衣。
江 汉 风 流 地
游 人 何 岁 归?
Song Cui Jiu Xing Zong You Shen

Song jun cong ci qu
Zhuan jie gu ren xi.
Tu yu you hui shou
Tian yuan fang yan fei.

Chu men dang lu shi
Zhong lu shou han yi.
Jiang nan feng liu di
You ren he sui gui ?


Send Off Cousin Cui Jiuxing Traveling to Shu

Send you off from this place
Feelings change, old friends scarce.
Servant leading the mule, you ride and turn around to wave
Countryside retreat courtyard, hide behind closed doors.

Be careful as you go out the door to travel
During your trip the weather will change, bring winter clothes.
Changjiang-Hanshui valley has outstanding scenery
What year will you come back?



Shu:  A nation state in the far west, now the province of Sichuan. It was conquered by the Qin in 316 BC.

Changjiang-Hanshui valley: The Han River (Hanshui) is the largest tributary to the Changjiang (Yangzi River). Formerly this a valley of highland  primeval forests dividing the Qin and Daba mountains in the province of Hubei.

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