Write “友”(friend) in Chinese character

One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “友”.

友 yŏu
Explnantion: friend; friendship
Phrases: 友爱(yǒu‘ài )friendly ; 友谊(yǒu yì)friendship
“友”即友爱,甲骨文里是两只手紧扣在一起, 手牵手( ),用来表示互相合作,亦有交朋友的意思。后来为了方便书写,字形就由左右排列变成了上下排列,变成了现在这个样子。
“Two right hands” close together ( ) in the inscriptions on oracle bones gives us the sense of two people with each other’s right hands clasping to show their friendship; the persons performing this action are, of course “friends”. So “friend” is precisely what this character originally meant. Later, for the convenience of writing, the form was changed to have one hand above the other, and that is the modern version we see today.

1.chōnɡ mǎn yǒu’ài
full of love from friends


2.Wǒmen liǎngguó zhèngzài jiàgòu yǒuyì de qiáoliáng.
Our two countries are entering into friendship.

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