Write 生”(grow) in Chinese character

One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “生”.


生 shēng  
Explnantion: grow
Phrases: 生活(shēnɡ huó) life ; 生产(shēnɡ chǎn) produce
“生”字最底下的一划代表地面,地面上长出了幼苗( )。后来字形变了,才变成了如今的“生”字。这个字本来指草和树木的生长,后来又有“生存”和“活”的意思;还可以用来指未煮过的食物。
The original character 生 was a very vivid pictographic representation of a growing seedling ( ): the horizontal stroke at the bottom of the character indicates the land; on the land a small seedling appears to have just broken through the soil, growing with vitality. Later the horizontal stroke turned into  “soil” ( ), and the seedling became like the shoot of a tree; finally the “tree” lost its shape and the character has become like the one we see today. The original meaning of was precisely the growth of grass or a tree; later it was extended to mean “alive” or “living”; it was also borrowed to mean “raw”.


1. Niánqīngrén yào zhēnxī shēnghuó,búyào yóuxì rénshēng.
Young people must cherish life and mustn’t play at it.


2.Cǎiyùn yuáncáiliào shì gōngchǎng shēngchǎn de zhòngyào zǔchéng bùfen.
Exploitation and transportation of crude materials are crucial parts in the production of the plant.

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