Write “美”(beauty) in Chinese character

One character a day, it is easy to master Chinese characters day by day. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “美”.


美 mĕi
Explanation: beauty
Phrases: 美丽(měi lì) eautiful  ;美容(měi rónɡ) hairdressing
古文字中,“美”分别象人头上插着羽毛或加了羊头作装饰之形( ),古人认为这样很好看,以此为美。中国京剧中,武将头上常常戴着雉鸡翎,显得威武而漂亮;今天世界上仍然有一些民族喜欢佩带羽毛作装饰。“美”本义就是漂亮、好看,如“美人、美貌、美丽”。
In ancient Chinese, 美 resembles the shape of a goat’s head or of feathers placed on a person’s head as a form of decoration (  ). The ancient Chinese felt that this was very attractive and looked upon it as being beautiful. In Peking Opera, military generals often wear two long tail feathers of a pheasant on their heads to appear handsome and mighty. Even today. There are still some ethnic groups in the world that like to wear feathers as a form of headdress. The original meaning of 美 is beautiful or attractive as in the following: 美人 (beautiful woman; belle; beauty (a person)), 美貌 (beautiful appearance; good looks), and 美丽 (beautiful (person or thing)).


1.Fǎnzhào de xīyáng wúxiàn měilì.
The settings sun is shining beautifully.


2.Tā zuòle měiróng shǒushù.
She’s had cosmetic surgery.

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