Write “胃”(stomach) in Chinese character

One character a day, easy to master Chinese characters. Let’s take a look at the basic knowledge of “胃”.


胃 wèi  
Explnantion:  stomach
Phrases: 胃病(wèi bìnɡ)stomach illness ;胃口(wèi kǒu)appetite

In bronze script, the first half of the character “胃” (wei,stomach) looks like a gastric pouch; the second half is the character “肉” (rou, meat); The joint in between suggests the things that have not been digested. Therefore, the original meaning of “胃” is the human or animal organ involved in the digestion and storage of food. Both the shapes of “胃” in small seal script and regular script derives from the structure in the inscriptions on bronze.

Herbalist doctor always attaches great importance to the important part the stomach plays in the functioning of human body. It emphasizes the significance of the spleen and the stomach in absorbing water, nutrition and trace elements. The stomach is a machine that works all day long. Besides, it is encouraging that some basic knowledge about the human organ is revealed by the structure of the Chinese characters, now that there were no anatomy-related skills in ancient China.


1. Bùguīlǜ de yǐnshí xíguàn,jīngcháng yòufā chángwèibìng.
Irregular eating habits often lead to bowel disorders.


2.Zhège cānguǎn de cài wǒ chī qǐlai hěn duìwèikǒu.
The dishes in this restaurant are very much to my taste.

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