Zhang Ruoxu(张若虚) Biography – Chinese poet during the Tang Dynasty

Zhang Ruoxu was a famous poet of the Tang Dynasty in China. He lived during the mid-Tang period, and was known for his captivating poetry that was inspired by his love of nature and his passion for life.

Zhang was born into a wealthy family and received a traditional education, including learning poetry and other classical arts. He quickly became known for his talent and was soon appointed as a court official.

Despite his success in the political world, Zhang remained true to his passion for poetry. He wrote about nature, love, and the beauty of life, and his works were highly regarded by his contemporaries.

One of Zhang’s most famous works is a collection of poems called “Lyrics of the Jade Terrace”, which was inspired by a trip he took to a mountain retreat. These poems are characterized by their vivid descriptions of nature and their heartfelt emotions.

Zhang’s influence on Chinese poetry was profound, and his works continue to be widely read and admired today. He is considered one of the great poets of the Tang Dynasty and remains an important figure in the history of Chinese literature.

Despite his popularity, however, little is known about the personal life of Zhang Ruoxu. Nevertheless, his poems have survived the test of time and continue to be treasured by poetry lovers around the world.

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