Bai Juyi: Crows Send Gifts to Cranes

Crows Send Gifts to Cranes

乌 赠 鹤
与 君 白 黑 太 分 明
纵 不 相 亲 莫 见 轻。
我 每 夜 啼 君 怨 别
玉 微 琴 里 忝 同 声。
Wu Zeng He

Yu jun bai hei tai fen ming
Zong bu xiang qin mo jian qing.
Wo mei ye ti jun yuan bie
Yu wei qin li tian tong sheng.


Crows Send Gifts to Cranes

Crows notice cranes are obviously both white and black
When you see me at sunset, do not mock my appearance.
We cry out loud every evening, but you squawk when there is a hated departure.
Like a qin with inlaid jade, don’t tell me we are unworthy of making the same sounds as you.



Qin: Multi-stringed musical instrument

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