Bai Juyi: Dark Red Crepe Myrtle Blossoms

Dark Red Crepe Myrtle Blossoms

紫 薇 花
丝 纶 阁 下 文 书 静
钟 鼓 楼 中 刻 漏 长。
独 坐 黄 昏 谁 是 伴?
紫 薇 花 对 紫 薇 郎。
Zi Wei Hua

Si lun ge xia wen shu jing
Zhong gu lou zhong ke lou chang.                                                                                        Du zuo huang hun shei shi ban?
Zi wei hua dui zhi wei lang.


Dark Red Crepe Myrtle Blossoms

Official imperial scribe and the office very silent and calm
Bell and drum towers with leaky waterclocks slow the passage of time.

Sitting alone at dusk, can I have a partner during this graveyard shift?
Only in my imagination do the red crepe myrtle flowers think I have a senior position.

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