Bai Juyi: Planting Peach and Apricot Trees

Planting Peach and Apricot Trees

种 桃 杏
无 论 海 角 与 天 涯
大 扺 心 安 即 是 家。
路 远 谁 能 念 乡 曲
年 深 兼 欲 忘 京 华。
忠 州 且 作 三 年 计
种 杏 栽 桃 拟 待 花。
Zhong Tao Xing

Wu lun hai jiao yu tian ya
Da zhi xin an ji shi jia.                                                                                                               Lu yuan shei neng nian xiang qu
Nian shen jian yu wang jing hua.                                                                                      Zhong zhou qie zuo san nian ji
Zhong xing zai tao ni dai hua.


Planting Peach and Apricot Trees

Even without this corner of the ocean, need of horizons
But if the heart attains peace, this too can be home.

Remote highways, who can think of hometown songs
Away so many years, forgot the best of capital life.

For the next three years need to plan what to do here in Zhongzhou
Just plant the apricot and peach trees, then await for the blossoms.



Zhongzhou: Ancient prefecture within the Shanxi Province.



Bai is starting a new government job and assignment.  In ancient China these appointments usually lasted only three years.  Emperors did not want the bureaucrats to create a power base.

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