Bai Juyi: Return at Evening

Return at Evening

夜 归
半 醉 闲 行 湖 岸 东
马 鞭 敲 镫 辔 珑 璁。
万 株 松 树 青 山 上
十 里 沙 堤 明 月 中。
楼 角 渐 移 当 路 影
潮 头 欲 过 满 江 风。
归 来 未 放 笙 歌 散
画 戟 门 开 蜡 烛 红。
Ye Gui

Ban zui xian xing hu an dong
Ma bian qiao deng pei long cong.
Wan zhu song shu qing shan shang
Shi li sha di ming yue zhong.

Lou jiao jian yi dang lu ying
Chao tou yu guo man jiang feng.
Gui lai wei fang sheng ge san
Hua ji men kai la zhu hong.


Return at Evening

Half drunk, leisurely walk along the eastside of the lake
Tinkling sounds of metal from stirrups, lightly held reins and crop.
Green pine trees upon the mountains at Wan Zhu
Bright moonlight, middle three miles of a sandy embankment.

Building corners, shadows flow into and out of a facing road
Tidal flows completely pass by on the river winds.
Going back, not yet free from fading music and songs
Painted open government door, red wax candles still lit.

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