Bai Juyi: Western Tower

Western Tower

西 楼
小 郡 大 江 边
危 楼 夕 照 前。
青 芜 卑 湿 地
白 露 泬 寥 天。
乡 国 此 时 阻
家 书 何 处 传?
仍 闻 陈 蔡
转 战 已 三 年。
Xi Lou

Xiao jun da jiang bian
Wei lou xi zhao qian.
Qing wu bei shi di
Bai lu xue liao tian.

Xiang guo ci shi zu
Jia shu he chu chuan?
Reng wen chen cai cheng
Zhuan zhan yi san nian.


Western Tower

Small prefecture with large riversides
High towers shine just before sunset.
Green overgrown weeds in run-down wetlands
White dew, skies large, broad and vast.

The seasonal news and access to my hometown is blocked
How can I send and receive family letters?
Often heard about the Caizhou and Chenzhou battles
For several years they have been fighting in one place after another.

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