Bai Juyi Poem: Drinking Together with Liu Yuxi – 白居易《与梦得沽酒闲饮且约后期》












[1] 梦得:刘禹锡,字梦得,与白居易同龄。开成二年(837),白、刘(六十七岁,故云“相看七十欠三年”)同在洛阳。刘任太子宾客分司,白任太子少傅,都是闲职,故得“闲饮且约后期”。

[2] 陶然:舒畅快乐的样子。

Drinking Together with Liu Yuxi

Bai Juyi

While young, I was not worded about livelihood.

Old now, how could I grudge money for buying wine?

Let’s spend ten thousand coins for a jarful of drink good!

Looking in face, two years more we’ll be sixty-nine.

We read and play the drinkers’ wager game at leisure;

Drunk, we listen to verse better than music light.

When chrysanthemums yellow, may 1 have the pleasure

To invite you to drink my home-brew with delight?

The poet expresses his delight in drinking together with an old friend.


The poem “Drinking Together with Liu Yuxi” is a seven-line poem written by Bai Juyi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. The first line of the poem is about the feelings of different periods of life; the first and second lines of the poem are about the pleasure of drinking together while listening to the chanting, and the last line is about the dissatisfaction of being treated coldly in politics; the last line of the poem is about the theme of the poem, as the author brings the immediate party to the future, and brings the friendship and poetry to the peak. The final line, “A drunkenness and a tauren”, expresses both the author’s deep love and friendship for his dear friend and his sorrow and grief in the face of reality. The poem is simple and concise, with light words and deep emotions.

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