Du Fu: Climbing Up High

Climbing Up High

登 高
风 急 天 高 猿 啸 哀
渚 清 沙 白 鸟 飞 回。
无 边 落 木 萧 萧 下
不 尽 长 江 滚 滚 来。
万 里 悲 秋 长 作 客
百 年 多 病 独 登 台。
艰 难 苦 恨 繁 霜 鬓
潦 倒 新 停 浊 酒 杯。


Deng Gao

Feng ji tian gao yuan xiao ai
Zhu qing sha bai niao fei hui.
Wu bian luo mu xiao xiao xia
Bu jin chang jiang gun gun lai

Wan li bei qiu chang zuo ke
Bai nian duo bing du deng tai.
Jian nan ku hen fan shuang bin
Lao dao xin ting zhuo jiu bei.


Climbing Up High

Restless winds, tall skies, monkeys howl with grief
White birds fly back to the clean and white islet sands.
Declining trees without borders, rustling winds below
Without end, the Changjiang continuously comes and goes.

For a long time, this visitor with autumn melancholy,
thousands of miles from home
End of my life with more illnesses, alone climb this tower.
Arduous and difficult, suffering and regrets turn my temple hair frosty white
Frustrated by money drying up, murky wine inside my cup.

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