Du Fu: Give As a Gift to Senior Officer Hua

Give As a Gift to a Senior Officer Hua

赠 花 卿
锦 城 絲 管 日 纷 纷
半 入 江 风 半 入 云。                                                                                          此 曲 只 应 天 上 有
人 间 能 得 几 回 闻?
Zeng Hua Qing

Jin cheng si guan ri fen fen
Ban ru jiang feng ban ru yun.                                                                                                  Ci qu zhi ying tian shang you
Ren jian neng de ji hui wen?


Give As A Gift to Senior Officer Hua

Chengdu city walls, one after another the days of string and wind musical instruments
Half of the sounds enter the river winds, half enters the clouds.               Single battle success, these melodies flow up into heaven
How many times can people hear this palace music?

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