Du Fu: Narrative to Pour Out My Feelings

Narrative to Pour Out My Feelings

述 怀
去 年 潼 关 破
妻 子 隔 绝 久;
今 夏 草 木 长
脱 身 得 西 走。
痲 鞋 见 天 子
衣 袖 露 两 肘;
朝 廷 悯 生 还
亲 故 伤 老 醜。
涕 泪 受 拾 遗
流 离 主 恩 厚;
柴 门 虽 得 去
未 忍 即 开 口。
寄 书 问 三 川
不 知 家 在 否?
比 闻 同 罹 祸
杀 戮 到 鸡 狗。
山 中 漏 茅 屋
谁 复 依 后 牖?
地 冷 骨 未 朽。
几 人 全 性 命?
尽 室 岂 相 偶!
嵚 岑 猛 虎 场
郁 结 回 我 首。
自 寄 一 封 书
今 已 十 月 后;
反 畏 消 息 来
寸 心 亦 何 有?
汉 运 初 中 兴
生 平 老 耽 酒;
沉 思 欢 会 处
恐 作 穷 独 叟!
Shu Huai

Qu nian tong guan po
Qi zi ge jue jiu;
Jin xia cao mu chang
Tuo shen de xi zou.

Ma xie jian tian zi
Yi xiu lu liang zhou;
Zhao ting min sheng huan
Qin gu shang lao chou.

Ti lei shou shi yi
Liu li zhu en hou
Chai men sui de qu
Wei ren ji kai kou.

Ji shu wen san chuan
Bu zhi jia zai fou?
Bi wen tong li huo
Sha lu dao ji gou.

Shan zhong lou mao wu
Shei fu yi hou you?
Cui tui cang song gen
Di leng gu wei xiu.

Ji ren quan xing ming?
Jin shi qi xiang ou!
Qin cen meng hu chang
Yu jie hui wo shou.

Zi ji yi feng shu
Jin yi shi yue hou;
Fan wei xiao xi lai
Cun xin yi he you?

Han yun chu zhong xing
Sheng ping lao dan jiu;
Chen si huan hui chu
Kong zuo qiong du sou!


Narrative to Pour Out My Feelings

Last year Tongguan Gate was broken and open
For a long time separated and without word of my wife and children.
This summer the grasses and trees have grown up tall
Finally got away and walked to the west.

In hemp shoes, look to find the emperor
Both sleeves at the elbow are bare.
At the imperial dawn audience, he was impressed by my presence
After a year, friends and relatives say I look much older and more haggard.

With falling tears, I thank him profusely for giving me an appointment
After wandering from place to place this kindness very profound.
Although I need to go back to my family’s poverty
Could not endure the experience of their empty and open mouths.

Sent a letter to San Chuan to see if they are still there
Is my home and family still there?
Heard that this area was burned to the ground by the rebels
Even the chickens and dogs were killed.

My thatched house has been leaking rainwater for some time inside the mountains.
Who remains behind the windows and doors?
Maybe the roots remain from our collapsed and destroyed pine trees.

The land and soil cold enough to prevent the root’s decay.
How many in our community still live?
Most families have lost every other member!
Like fierce tigers, the rebels probably devoured what they could
During my flight, I saw and now remember too much strife.

It has been ten months since I sent my last message
Depended upon just getting and sending one letter.
Fearful again that all the news will be bad
How could I give to them a chance to share a part of my new salary.

With a new emperor, we hope for a new life
My life to now has been a preface to this opportunity to serve and drink wine.
Contemplate the joy of a family reunion
Afraid I would be the poor and solitary old man!



[Written in the summer of 757 AD, Du Fu managed to escape from the capital city of Chang’an and the rebels of An Lushan to flee west to Feng Xiang]

Tongguan Gate:  Also known as Tong Pass. An important mountain pass and strategic border stronghold used as a chokepoint and military defensive position to protect China from northern invaders. It is located south of the  confluence of the Wei and Yellow Rivers.

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