Du Fu: Riversongs: Two Poems

Riversongs: Two Poems

曲 江:二 首
一 片 花 飞 减 却 春
风 飘 万 点 正 愁 人。
且 看 欲 尽 花 经 眼
莫 厌 伤 多 酒 入 唇。
江 上 小 堂 巢 翡 翠
苑 边 高 冢 卧 麒 麟。
细 推 物 理 须 行 乐
何 用 浮 名 绊 此 身?


Qu Jiang: Er Shou

Yi pian hua fei jian que chun
Feng piao wan dian zheng chou ren.
Qie kan yu jin hua jing yan
Mo yan shang duo jiu ru chun.

Jiang shang xiao tang chao fei cui
Yuan bian gao zhong wo qi lin.
Xi tui wu li xu xing le
He yong fu ming ban ci shen.


Riversongs: Two Poems

Diminished, declining spring, one flower petal flies away
Wind scatters thousands of them, causing human melancholy.
For now, see the spent blossoms have engaged my eyes
With each fallen petal, more wine enters my lips.

Small riverside house, kingfishers have made their nests
Enclosed orchard, tall gravestones have qi lin guardians.
Carefully consider the innate nature of things, must await temporary joys
Who can use this vain glory to protect one’s life.



Qi lin guardians: Mythological creatures with hooves and dragon-like antlers, often carved from stone or rock, placed in front of temples and cemeteries.  Symbols of good luck, prosperity and success.

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