Du Fu: Send As a Gift to Wei the Eighth, Home-Dwelling Intellectual

Send As a Gift to Wei the Eighth, Home-Dwelling Intellectual

赠 卫 八 处 士
人 生 不 相 见
动 如 参 与 商。
今 夕 复 何 夕
共 此 灯 烛 关。
少 壮 能 几 时
鬓 发 各 已 苍。
访 旧 半 为 鬼
惊 呼 热 中 肠。
焉 知 二 十 载
重 上 君 子 堂。
昔 别 君 未 婚
儿 女 忽 成 行。
怡 然 敬 父 执
问 我 来 何 方。
问 答 乃 未 已
儿 女 罗 酒 浆。
夜 雨 剪 春 韭
新 炊 闻 黄 粱。
主 称 会 面 难
一 举 累 十 觞。
十 觞 亦 不 醉
感 子 故 意 长。
明 日 隔 山 岳
世 事 两 茫 茫!


Zeng Wei Bu Chu Shi

Ren sheng bu xiang jian
Dong ru can yu shang.
Jin xi fu he xi
Gong ci deng zhu guan.

Shao zhuang neng ji shi
Bin fa ge yi cang.
Fang jiu ban wei gui
Jing hu re zhong chang.

Yan zhi er shi zai
Chong shang jun zi tang
Xi bie jun wei hun
Er nu hu cheng xing.

Yi ran jing fu zhi
Wen wo lai he fang.
Wen da nai wei yi
Er nu luo jiu jiang.

Ye yu jian chun jiu
Xin chui wen huang liang.
Zhu chen hui mian nan
Yi ju lei shi shang.

Shi shang yi bu zui
Gan zi gu yi chang.
Ming ri ge shan yue
Shi shi liang mang mang!


Send As a Gift to Wei the Eighth, Home-Dwelling Intellectual

All one’s life we never met one another
We are more like the stars Can and Shang.
Today’s sunset turns into tomorrow
Now we are sharing these lamps and candlelight.

Meeting at a time past our prime
Temple hair already gray.
Revisit the past, half of our friends have passed
Startled and cry out that we still have a warm body.

Who knew after twenty years
Again to meet a man of noble character in his living room.
At our last departure you were still single
Cannot ignore your line-up of children.

They are all satisfied and content, honor and obey their father
They ask me where I come from.
Without a rest they ask interconnected questions
Children begin to strain the table wine.

In the evening rain they go outside to trim the spring garlic and chives
Cooked a meal with new and renowned yellow millet.
My host recognizes how difficult it was for us to meet
Once and then many times our wine cups filled.

After ten cups we are not yet drunk
Feeling young and good about our long relationship.
Tomorrow I have to travel far away
Affairs of the world for both of us boundless and vast!



The 8th: Wei is the eighth birth order male in his extended family.

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