Du Fu: Various Challenges: Two Poems: No. 1

Various Challenges: Two Poems: No. 1

诸 将:二 首
韩 公 本 意 筑 三 城
拟 绝 天 骄 拔 汉 旌。
岂 谓 尽 烦 回 纥 马
翻 然 远 救 朔 方 兵。
胡 来 不 觉 潼 关 隘
龙 起 犹 闻 晋 水 清。
独 使 至 尊 忧 社 稷
诸 君 何 以 答 升 平?


Zhu Jiang: Er Shou


Han gong ben yi zhu san cheng
Ni jue tian jiao ba han jing.
Qi wei jin fan hui he ma
Fan ran yuan jiu shuo fang bing.

Hu lai bu jue tong guan ai
Long qi you wen jin shui qing.
Du shi zhi zun you she ji
Zhu jun he yi da sheng ping?


Various Challenges: Two Poems: N0. 1

General Han Gong originally built three cities
Han army flags destroyed the proud and unprepared enemies.
Now we need to be concerned about the Uigur cavalry
May need them to help us quickly and completely defeat the
northern enemy forces.

The hordes do not fear our strategic narrow mountain passes on the
Yellow River
Like early Tang victories, they enter Shui Qing.
We need to worry about our dependence on the nomads
How can all of our leaders create a genuine peace?



General Han Gong: (585-658) Active during the end of the Sui Dynasty, and the beginning of the Tang.

Shui Qing: Area in current day Guizhou Province.


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