Du Mu: End of Spring, Writing of a Chizhou River Pavilion

End of Spring, Writing of a Chizhou River Pavilion

春 末 四 池 州 弄 水 亭
使 君 四 十 四
两 佩 左 铜 鱼。
为 吏 非 循 吏
论 书 读 底 书。
晚 花 红 艳 静
高 树 绿 阴 初。
亭 宇 清 无 比
溪 山 画 不 如。
嘉 宾 能 啸 咏
官 妓 巧 妆 梳。
逐 日 愁 皆 碎
随 时 醉 有 馀。
偃 须 求 五 鼎
陶 只 爱 吾 庐。
趣 向 人 皆 异
贤 豪 莫 笑 渠。
Chun Mo Ti Chi Zhou Nong Shui Ting

Shi jun si shi shi
Liang pei zuo tong yu.
Wei li fei xun li
Lun shu du di shu.

Wan hua hong yan jing
Gao shu lu yin chu.
Ting yu qing wu bi
Xi shan hua bu ru.

Jia bin neng xiao yong
Guan ji qiao zhuang shu.
Zhu ri chou jie sui
Sui shi zui you yu.

Yan xu qiu wu ding
Tao zhi ai wu lu.
Qu xiang ren jie yi
Xian hao mo xiao qu.


End of Spring, Writing of a Chizhou River Pavilion

Now I am forty-four years old
Responsible for both sides of a two-part copper fish.
Made a petty official, I go through the motions
Read the Analects and other texts without obtaining their essence.

Late flowers red, fresh and attractive
Tall trees begin to cast their green shadows.
From under pavilion eaves, clarity without compare
Unable to paint these streams and mountains.

Honored guests able to howl and chant.
Made-up song ladies cleverly calm them down.
Day after day some things broken and sad
At every opportunity I get drunk.

Mr. Yan has asked and waited for a five-dish meal
Tao Yuanming loved to live in one small hut.
Different people are interested in different things
The able and virtuous, the bold and unrestrained have no need to laugh at the unfortunate.



Chizhou: A city located in southern Anhui Province.

Two-part copper fish: Du Mu works for the county government.

The Analects:  The selected sayings of Confucius and his contemporaries.

Mr. Yan: Allusion to people who have too much wealth.

Tao Yuanming:  (365-427 AD) Allusion to people who do not have enough money. A famous poet who lived during the Eastern Jin Dynasty. His biography and work can also be found on this website.

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