Du Mu: Play with Chizhou River Pavilions

Play With Chizhou River Pavilions

池 州 弄 水 亭
清 溪 望 处 思 悠 悠
不 独 今 人 古 亦 愁。
借 尔 碧 波 明 似 镜
照 予 白 发 萤 如 欧。
江 山 自 美 骚 人 宅
铙 鼓 长 催 过 客 舟。
惟 有 角 声 吹 不 断
斜 阳 横 起 九 峰 楼。
Chi Zhou Nong Shui Ting

Qing xi wang chu si you you
Bu du jin ren gu yi chou.
Jie er bi bo ming si jing
Zhao yu bai fa ying ru ou.

Jiang shan zi mei sao ren zhai
Nao gu chang cui guo ke zhou.
Wei you jiao sheng chui bu duan
Xie yang heng qi jiu feng lou.


Play With Chizhou River Pavilions

Gaze into the distance, think of this clear stream moving into infinity
Not alone, many others melancholy today along with those in former times.
Bluish-green pond with bright waves like a mirror
Illumination produces the clarity that reflects white seagulls.

Rivers and mountains naturally beautiful for this poet’s house
Cymbals and drums always urge on the passing visitor boats.
Only have non-stop bugle sounds playing
Setting sun, from the east to the west arises several summit towers.



Chizhou: A city in southern Anhui Province.

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