Du Mu: Lanxi City

Lanxi City

兰 溪
兰 溪 春 尽 碧 泱 泱
映 水 兰 花 雨 发 香。
楚 国 大 夫 憔 悴 日
应 寻 此 路 去 潇 湘。
Lan Xi

Lan xi chun jin bi yang yang
Ying shui lan hua fa xiang.                                                                                                        Chu guo da fu qiao cui ri
Ying xun ci lu qu xiao xiang.


Lanxi City

Springtime in Lanxi very bluish-green, vast and magnificent
Reflected water, orchid blossoms and raindrops emit their fragrances.    Remember the horrible day when the Chu nation lost Chu Yuan
Should look for the way to depart on the Xiao and Xiang tributaries.



Lanxi: City in Zhejiang Province.

Chu Yuan:  (ca. 340-278 BC) Also known with the spelling of Qu Yuan. Famous poet and politician noted for his patriotism, poem mastery, and committing suicide by throwing himself in a river, which lead to the Dragon Boat Festival.

Xiao and Xiang: Two rivers that flow into the Changjiang and Dongting Lake. This area of Hunan Province was known as the “lakes and rivers” area. In ancient times it was considered a wild place of malaria, barbarians, and wild beasts.

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